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Shopping: Livingstone, Curios and Local Markets

As Livingstone continues to grow as a tourist destination, more and more markets, shops and malls are springing up around town to help both satisfy visitor’s needs and further fuel the blossoming local economy. The Central Market and Mukuni shopping mall offer an array of local crafts and curios and the Central Market is also a great place for sampling the local fare and ambience. For more upmarket arts and crafts, try the River Gallery. For cheaper souvenirs and authentic local food, the street vendors found throughout Livingstone’s streets are always worth a try.

Livingstone is an economically active town with an impressive array of shops, banks and professional services for the convenience of visitors. It is the tourism heart of southern Zambia, with arts and crafts in abundance.

If you want to get away from the curio markets and experience local Zambian market shopping, then check out Maramba market. There is no better way to experience the charm, hospitality, initiative and ingenuity of the Zambian people and culture than at Maramba market. You can find almost anything here — second hand clothes [salaula], car parts, bikes, whole fish, chickens or even a bed!! The market is about 3kms from town and is a safe walk. Ask for a map at reception.

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