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The Nalikwanda Restaurant

NALIKWANDA and KUOMBOKA are very important "Lozi" names that have quite a history in Zambian tradition. The Kuomboka pageant takes place at Lealui and Limulunga near Mongu in the Western Province. Just to the west of the province capital, the high ground gives way to the flood plains of the Zambezi River. It is here that for centuries past, the tribal chief, the Litunga, established his headquarters at Lealui. Since the headquarters' site was in the centre of land that becomes completely submerged by the swollen river, an annual evacuation to higher ground became necessary. This was done ceremoniously and the custom exists to this day.

When the Litunga decides to leave, usually in early March, or February if the rains are heavy, the drums send out the signal for the move and the people pack all their household goods in canoes ready for departure. The flotilla of canoes is headed by the Litunga'a royal barge, the "Nalikwanda", with its thirty paddlers in colorful array. The Litunga's wife, the Moyo, has her own barge. The procession takes about five or six hours to reach the new capital, Limulunga, where a huge crowd celebrates with traditional dancing and singing well into the night.

The friendly and informal Nalikwanda Restaurant prides itself in providing delicious International Cuisine — something to suite every palate. Restaurant seating is available both inside and out. Banquet room facilities are also available and room service is available until midnight. The Kuomboka Bar, with its cool and relaxing atmosphere, is an ideal venue for a pre-dinner drink or nightcap. It is just the right place to relax after a perfect day.

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