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Wasawange Tours offers a complete array of African Adventure for the daring traveler in around the Zambezi River. The Zambezi River is the fourth largest river in all of Africa and is the center of adventure for Zambia, offering adrenalin-packed adventure activities in the Batoka Gorge. The river runs a total of 2700 kilometres from its source in Northern Zambia, through Angola, back through Zambia, out along the Northern tip of Zimbabwe and finally spilling into the Indian Ocean.

The highlight of the Zambezi river is the Victoria Falls which divides Zambia from Zimbabwe. One of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls is a spectacle not to be missed!

Bungee [Bungi or Bungy] Jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge

Bungee Jump The original, the one and only, the must do, the ultimate thrill! 4 seconds of freefall and one of the highest Bungee bridges in the world with the magnificent Victoria Falls as the background. The place to jump is here! Suspended 111 metres (360 ft.) above the Zambezi river, the Victoria Falls bridge bungee jump is a world-class dose of pure adrenalin! Move to the edge, arms out and 5-4-3-2-1- BUNGEE leaving yourself plummeting towards the rumbling waters of the rapids of the Zambezi River and let the adrenaline flow. Yeah.

Whitewater Rafting on the Zambezi River

The best one-day white water rafting in the world! Enjoy a fun, action packed day on the famous rapids of the Zambezi River while in the very safe hands of our highly qualified and experienced guide.

The Zambezi River is classified as a high volume; pool-drop river i.e. there is little exposed rock either in the rapids or the pools below the rapids. The distance between rapids varies from 100 meters to 2 km’s. The Gorge itself is approximately 400ft deep at the put-in point and 750ft at the take out point. The river drops about 400ft over the 24km covered in the one-day raft trip and the depth of the river can reach 200ft. The morning section of the river is classified as Grade 5 “extremely difficult, long and violent rapids, steep gradients, big drops and pressure areas”. The afternoon section is slightly less challenging and is of a lower grade.

NEW "Under the Spray" Tour

Adding a brand new twist to whitewater rafting is the new "Under the Spray Tour". The most awesome perspective to see the Victoria Falls is from below, from the bottom of the gorge. Swimming in the rock pools below the Victoria Falls, surrounded by the massive basaltic rock towering up above you and water cascading down, seemingly out of the sky, is certainly one of the most breathtaking experiences you will ever have!

Abseil, Flying Fox or Gorge Swing in the Batoka Gorge.

There are 3 ways to release adrenaline by going over the edge of a cliff face. Zambia's longest free-fall! (1) Abseiling - slide 53 meters down the gorge on the end of a rope either facing the cliff face or looking down into the void. The walk out is up quite a steep slope but it is not far. (2) Flying Fox - is a cable slide across the gorge high above the floor. You can sit on the ‘chair’ or be strapped, face down, looking at the ground far below as you fly across the gorge. No walk out is necessary because you are pulled back. (3) Gorge Swing - Fling yourself over the edge in a body harness falling some 50 meters and swinging right across the gorge and back until the momentum runs out and you are lowered to the ground to walk out.

Extreme Jet Boating

Hop on a speed boat built in New Zealand. Without a propeller, this boat does 360 degree spins at 90Km per hour! Enjoy the thrill of an incredibly fast ride down [and up] some wild rapids in the Batoka Gorge, 25 Kilometres below the Falls. Blinding speed and hair-raising rapids will be the program for the day! All adrenalin ALL the time! Recommended.

Kayak the Zambezi

Kayak the Zambezi offers unique, well run and professional adventures on the Zambezi River. Small groups under the guidance of world class international guides, this is NOT your regular "super market" mass market trips. We take time to teach you the basics of kayaking in a fun and safe environment. Owned by the international whitewater company, Water By Nature, Kayak The Zambezi, also offer kayak schools, multi-days, tandem kayaking, paddler logistics and kayak rental.

Welcome to our playground.

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