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The Waswange Lodge is located in Livingstone, Zambia and only 2 kilometers from the Livingstone Airport. Also, centrally located only 2 km from the Livingstone town center and 8 km from the magnificient Victoria Falls. With easy access to all road links in Livingstone, the Lodge is conveniently situated for all your travel needs.

Nestled in a valley landscape of exotic plant gardens, the Lodge offers a full range of modern services and facilities. All 18 luxury Chalets, as well as 2 rooms, are amply furnished; equipped with a telephone, air-conditioning, satellite television, mini-bar, in-room coffee and tea and electric mosquito-repelling devices.

Staying at the Wasawange Lodge also gives you the advantage of booking all of your Victoria Falls tours, adventure activites and cultural tours and events right in our own lobby. We will accommodate your holiday completely, meeting all your needs and arranging all of your fun from one place... the Wasawange.

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+260 21 332 4141; 332 4077; 332 0376; 332 5043
FAX: ++260 21 332 4067